Lost Your Cell Phone?

English: New Mobile Cell Phone Technology

Found a cell phone today.

It was on, fully charged and sitting on a railing at the top of the stairs going down to the ocean boardwalk. A twist in my normal morning.

Fortunately (?) it had no password on it, so with a little sleuthing, I found its owner and, after my cuppa and a gluten-free chocolate “morning cake” at the Pier Hotel, delivered it home.

It threw off my usual routine, but it made me think about passwords on phones and what happens if you lose it and a nice person picks it up? There’s no tag on it, like on a lost puppy, that reads “If found, please call….”

Shouldn’t there be an app for that? There are. Best to download BEFORE you lose the phone, but there are ways to track it after you’ve lost it!

Check this out.


There’s some US specific info, but in the blog, there are the links to other apps, like



https://www.mylookout.com/ for Android.

I’m gonna get me one!