Core Values


Right Relationship 

  • right speech and harmlessness
  • right intention and mindfulness
  • right conduct
  • right understanding
  • right work and livelihood
  • right effort
  • right concentration

Commitment to Excellence







Right Relationship

We believe that Right Human Relationships are the keys to a better world and we keep these principles in mind in our decision-making at all levels—from hiring to programmes to products and services to our business and personal space and life.

We recognize that we are all works in progress and are on the path to fully living these principles in our personal and professional lives.

Based on Buddhist principles, and put into our company’s context this means:

  •     Right Speech and Harmlessness

We endeavour to be harmless in our speech, to be aware and intentional with our words.

  •     Right Intention and Mindfulness

Everything we do is intentional and in the interest of those we serve and the greater good. We endeavour to be mindful in our work and interactions.

  •     Right Conduct

We apply and develop the mental discipline to act wisely and ethically in our business practices.

  •    Right Understanding

                We seek the truth, without illusion. We seek clarity and honesty in all we do.

  •     Right Work & Livelihood

The work we do and the lives we have chosen are designed to uplift humanity and to respect life. We are careful to accept only that work which is in alignment with our core values and mission. Social responsibility, environmental sustainability as well as profits are part of the mix.

  •     Right Effort

We are vigilant about our attitudes and mindset, seeking to persist in developing goodness, resisting negativity.

  •     Right Concentration

Investing time and space to think deeply and to maintain a meditative practice are key components of our day among our team members.

Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to personal and professional excellence.

Personal growth and ongoing learning fuel our company.

Through our communications, written, verbal, on and offline, we commit to excellence in quality, in detail, in finding the best solution possible.

Our online and offline programmes, live events, courses, workshops and seminars are produced to the best of our ability.

Our commitment to excellence is a model for others in the way we treat our clients, team members, guests and we consistently seek ways to lift others up.


In our programmes, events, products and processes, we include fun as a key element. We recognize that playfulness is a key quality to good learning, engagement and a great life.

We check in to see if we’re having fun. Are we taking ourselves too seriously? We love to surprise and delight our clients, team, and families.

We create space for fun in our day, at work and in our personal lives.

We experiment, and love adventures. We look at each new project, new skill to learn, new system we develop as an adventure.


We KNOW that everyone is creative and that it happens in all areas of human endeavour. It is a vital part of life and a birthright.

We are committed to uncovering creativity, developing it in our lives at work and at home. We use creative and innovative approaches, techniques and research whenever possible.

We embed artistry and beauty in our events, products, spaces and communications.

We seek to help our clients, guests, team members to build a powerfully creative life.


The motto here is Give More.

Generosity of spirit.

Generosity of laughter.

We always do more than is required. More than is in the agreement or contract. More than expected. Just that one little extra step can make a huge difference.

We express gratitude daily, and express appreciation whenever we can.

Our support of charitable work is focused on children, women—education and entrepreneurship— and the creative and expressive arts.


Freedom is a choice and a habit.

Everyone at One Quality Note chooses to show up every day.

We are creating a business that supports our clients’, our teams’ and our families’ freedom.

Freedom means different things to each of us so we seek the ways and means to increase freedom in a way that’s meaningful while keeping our other values and principles aligned.


We stand clearly and firmly in our foundational beliefs and values. We are clear what we stand for and with. We trust in action recognizing there are unseen forces which come into play when we act.

We support bold action in our team, our clients, our families and communities.