Creative Music Making—in the Moment, from the Inside Out

Creative Music-Making
In the Moment
From the Inside Out

A Music for People Satellite Workshop

Friday June 9- Sunday June 11, 2017

Roundhouse Farm, Victoria, BC

This is a playful, supportive approach to making music.

No lead sheets, no written music—this is all music in the moment.

It is accessible to players and singers of all levels of experience.

It leads to deeper listening, more authentic personal self-expression & greater musicianship.

Re-vitalise your music-making by engaging your playful, childlike self in a safe, supportive and judgment-free space.

And it’s FUN!



Why I Do This

I am a classically trained musician who was afraid to play a ‘wrong note.’ In my world, making things up on the piano was “not real practising.”  I could read anything put in front of me, but I never thought I could improvise. I didn’t think I could play anything by ear.

Although I sang in choirs all through high school, and taught myself several instruments, the idea of singing a solo— improvised or otherwise—or just sitting down at the piano and playing whatever came out… it was simply not possible.

I was afraid of feeling stupid, of being judged and criticised.
I held myself back.
I wasn’t good enough.

Sound familiar?

That all changed when I attended a Music for Everyone workshop with David Darling.

That week changed my life.

It changed the way I make music, it changed the way I taught music in my classroom and studio and it has become a large part of how I help my clients find their own powerful, purposeful path in life and business.



As soon as possible after that first experience, I began the four-year training with Music for People In the Musicianship and Leadership Programme. As one of just a handful of Canadian grads of the programme, I am currently the only active one outside of Québec.

I have worked with music lovers, players and singers with all levels of experience and all ages in workshops, clinics, community music groups and classes.  I’ve worked with individuals who want to find their voice, with those afraid of speaking in public and with those who want to expand their capacity for speaking.

Participants in my workshops come from all backgrounds—they’re drummers, folk, rock, bluegrass singers and players and jazz and classical backgrounds. They come with no experience. They come with decades of training. They have come having had energy-sucking experiences in lessons or school.

You will come because:

  • It’s a time to explore your creativity through music.
  • It’s a time to nourish yourself through musical self-expression.
  • It’s a time to discover your own music.



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But, Sharon…

➤ “I’m classically trained. I’ve played from written music all my life. I can’t improvise!”

You’ll be surprised, as I was, that you have all the skills you need to begin.  And it isn’t as scary as you think it is. Really.

This is about listening more deeply to your true self—and playing from there, one note at a time.

It’s not about reading lead sheets, playing the standards or improvising on chord progressions.

It’s about expressing your true self through music.

It’s a beautiful way to re-vitalise your music making.

We begin very simply in a way that EVERYONE has access to the music inside them. Even those who have decades of formal training. And none at all.

This is truly a place where there are NO WRONG NOTES.

➤ “I’m tone deaf!” “I don’t have a musical bone in my body!”

Within minutes of beginning the workshop, you’ll discover that you ARE musical, and that you CAN sing—no matter what anyone has told you.

(By the way… If you can hear the difference between your two best friends’ voices—you’re not tone deaf. You have simply not had the experience of hearing yourself sing in tune. It takes seconds to change this!)

➤ “I only sing in the shower!” “I sing my heart out in the car!”

YES! What a great place to sing!

Bring that enthusiasm and joy into the group! We use a lot of humour, simple games and a whole lot of support and encouragement to help those hidden voices find a place in the group. Let your voice be heard!

➤ “I’m a jazz/rock/folk/bluegrass (etc) player—is this for me?

This is perfect for you. Musicians who come to these workshops deepen their listening. Non-traditional instrument groupings and playing with musicians from other traditions will inspire you as you play with and learn from them.

➤ “I’ve never played an instrument or sung in my life!”

This is truly a place for all levels of music experience—from the very beginning to the advanced professional.

Through the games we play and the encouraging, supportive, judgment-free environment we create, you will find your voice.

This is a safe place to step outside your comfort zone.

You are welcome here.



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Here’s What People Are Saying:

“Sharon created a safe space to explore and have fun! I had some real inner learnings coming from the evening and all-day playshops. I discovered things about myself I didn’t know or was afraid to see before. I also realized I have the courage to fulfill my dreams, and that is a satisfying knowing, and that I’m not too scared to make a “different” harmony. I look forward to more doing and learnings!”

“I loved it! For the first time I wasn’t afraid about my voice being heard. I was still afraid of being judged, but as we kept going, that fear started to disappear.”

“In a very short period of time you created a completely safe environment for us to take chances and push our individual edges out a bit, and then a bit more, then a bit more.  It was a real surprise to me, to see how willing I was to step out and take a chance.  Usually, I am the one saying ‘umm, no thanks, not this time.’  Thank you for giving me the space to explore a different aspect of myself.”

“It was fun to just make music without having to  worry about being ‘right.'”

“I found the 2 hours of moving around in new and improvised ways while vocalizing and harmonizing was both energizing and full of surprises. I never knew what would come forth from me or from the folks around me and I enjoy that freshness of experience.”

“I was pretty anxious about the prospect of making music in front of people —even people I know well.  But your process and your, well, your Self made it all do-able.”

“I’m an introverted person who doesn’t experiment with stuff like this, do today I had so much fun experimenting in a safe group environment. I think I came out of my box today!”

“Our greatest critic is ourselves and the moment we can break down the walls, we walk into a new sphere of opportunity.”



There is limited space, so register early!


Here is the overview (times are subject to change):


At 7:00 we open the evening, with a fun, musically charged 2 hours. You will be with others just like you who are ready to experience new ways to make music.

Our music improvisation activities draw from many musical genres and world cultures. With simple and accessible structures, we engage your playful self. We draw your mature musical self with deep listening. As we explore this mindfulness through music— the MAGIC begins!

You will be gently led out of your comfort zone and into a whole new world of making music from the inside. You will learn some basic Music for People principles:

Music making is a birthright.

When your body is involved, your music-making is more authentic.

Any combination of instruments can play together.

Singing is a birthright.

Human beings need to find positive avenues for emotional release. Music improvisation is a great way to do this.

Saturday: Registration and Open Jam 8:30-9:00

9:00-12:00  You will learn a variety of ways to improvise by Returning to Child. You will learn about Two Different Kinds of Musical Energy, How You Can Magically Support Others in their music-making, How to Offer a Powerful Solo.

You will also have an opportunity to explore making improvised music in Moving Quartets, through Call and Response and explore One Quality Sound.  With an emphasis on Melody and Rhythm, you’ll re-connect with your Inner Playful, Curious and Wholly Delighted Five Year Old.

12:00- 2:00 LUNCH TIME!  Bring your lunch or head out to a restaurant nearby. Roundhouse Farm has a small prep kitchen with fridge, stovetop, etc.

Roundhouse Farms is a beautiful natural space.  Lunch time is a time to sit with new friends, and to have some quiet, personal time. You may wish to bring a journal, walk in nature, and reflect.

2:00-4:30 Continue to explore ways to make music from the inside. As you continue to step outside your comfort zone in a safe, liberating, supportive, and judgment-free environment, you will feel more free to nourish yourself through musical self-expression.

4:30- 7:00 Dinner Time! Bring your own dinner or head out into the neighbourhood.

7:00-9:00 You’ll come back from dinner ready for a night of musical celebration, bringing together all you’ve learned.

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning is an Open Jam, available free to any who are registered for the full workshop. It will be a time to play and sing using the games you’ve learned at the workshop, with some facilitation, but no formal instruction. No need to pre-register for this if you’re registered for the Friday night/Saturday sessions.

Sunday Afternoon (an add-on option)

Sunday afternoon is available for more focused, and personalized time with Sharon. There is opportunity for shorter one-hour sessions, or 90 min and longer. We’ll design a memorable experience for you and/or your group.

  • one-on-one or small group time to further your own capacity and fun factor
  • bring your group and deepen and explore music improvisation
  • bring members of your choir, community band or orchestra, church group and build on what you’ve experienced at the workshop
  • this is perfect for team-building

Interested in this option?

Please contact Sharon directly for more information.

Email: – Please put “Roundhouse Sunday” in the subject line

✆ Phone: 519-785-0797

Early Bird (until May 20)

Full (Friday night/Saturday): $195 (+GST)

Saturday (full day & evening) Only: $150 (+GST)

Friday Night only: $55 (+GST)

After May 20

Full Weekend: $225(+GST)

Saturday (full day & evening) Only: $165 (+GST)

Friday Night Only: $65 (+GST)

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Full Weekend:

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Saturday (full day & evening) Only:

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Friday Night Only:

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For More Information:

Sharon Little (Subject line: Roundhouse June)

✆ 519-785-0797

Your Questions Answered:

Can I just come for Friday night?

Yes, Friday night only is an option if you are just available for the evening.

Can I just come for Saturday?

Yes, Saturday (the full day and evening)  only is an option if you only have a day available.

What instruments do I have to bring?

No instruments are needed. All instruments are welcome. There is a baby grand piano at Roundhouse. If you have a keyboard, that also would be welcome. Electric instruments, hand drums, rhythm instruments and bagpipes—all welcome.

Do I need to bring a music stand?

No! Leave your music stand at home!

Do I need to bring any music?

Nope! This music is all made in the moment.

Do I need to know anything before I come?

You don’t need to know anything or have any experience of any sort before you come. Really and truly.

Can I bring my children?

Children 12 and up, registering with at least one supervising, registered adult, are welcome. Each child registers for 50% of the adult fee.

You are invited: no matter what your level of musical experience–from beginner to pro, your instrument or your style of music.

Have you been told to stand at the back of the choir or mouth the words? This is  DEFINITELY a great place for you.

This is an opportunity for you to spread your musical wings and fly in a safe place!

Come explore your creativity through music, re-connect to your inner 5 year old and listen more deeply to your true self.

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© 2017 Sharon Little – One Quality Note