Don’t Push a Rope

Hello friends!

WOW! There has been a disturbance in the Force in my life these past few months (that’s another post!) leaving me now more than a week into 2016 with no solid, tangible Plan and few Actionable Steps. It’s an uneasy place for me to be— to not have very much in place— AND, I’m okay with it for now. Because….

Mercury Retrograde is gracing us with its presence until January 25 (it began on Jan 5) and I will go on record as saying, “I LOVE Mercury Retrograde!” It lets me slow down and not fret when things go a little awry. Start out with Plan A and wind up with Plan Q? Fine. Expect everything technological to go smoothly? Good luck.

Some Mercury Retrogrades hit me more strongly than others. It may do you as well. So far, this one just feels slow and a little muddled. Rather, I feel slow and a little muddled: I have yet to hear my morning chimes go off this past week so I’ve been getting up late.

Mercury is a mental sign and rules anything to do with communication and connection: telephones, self-expression, transportation, air travel, computers, speaking and writing, mental clarity (you have less) and happens a few times every year. It’s nature’s way of saying, slow the heck down!

7 Ways to Navigate Mercury Retrograde:

RE is the Word

Re-do, review, re-member, re-search and double check and triple check… everything. This is a time when we may miss appointments, double book, forget, put the wrong date in the calendar, read the date wrong in the calendar, arrive late. So will our friends and clients.

Do not assume you’ve got the right info written down. You may not have the whole truth. Check again.

You may need to re-do things more often than you’d like or ‘just’ when you thought you had it right. Like this post…

Just let it go… when it happens, it happens.

Technology, Transportation, Timing!2 elephants pulling wagon

Computers and technology can go awry. You may not get the voicemail or you may miss the email, or think (as I did one day) that you’d sent it. There’s just something about “connections” that can be a little off.

Pay attention to things like flight and train times: there may be weird delays. I don’t know the stats, but I’m curious to know how much more luggage finds alternative routes than usual during Mercury Retrograde. It’s happened to me.

Numb Tongue

Watch your words—written and spoken. You may have “foot in mouth” disease.

This also applies to social media. When in doubt, leave it out! What you say or write can be more easily misinterpreted.

This is especially a good time to write what you need to and then go back and re-read and check your tone and meaning! (and spelling!)

Sign on the Dotted Line signing Napolean marriage contract

It’s not a great time to sign contracts or make firm commitments; however, it IS a good time to review them. If you can, wait until after January 25 when there will be more mental clarity. And you may receive more information that helps you decide and commit.

It’s not a good time to launch… a project, programme, book, a course. You can do it AND it may take some interesting turns. But it IS a good time to connect with people and let them know what’s happening! And a good time to do that final review of details.

You can use this time to go back and fix something that you may have rushed out the door or rushed through. I’m taking some time to look at how I did my colouring book and looking to sense what’s next. I’m happy not to feel pressed to push something out the door!

It’s a good time to tidy up details and finish up projects, to tie up loose ends. Spend some time connecting with old friends, former clients, your connections on FB and LinkedIn. Set up some catch up calls.

Do you need to do some clutter clearing? Go for it! You’ll feel like you’re making progress AND you’ll get more space!

Expect the Unexpected

You may lose things… and find them later in an unusual place. When I lose things during Mercury Retrograde, I assume they’ll show up— but, the lost things have their own timing, so I do a lot of waiting!

Things and people from the past may show up unexpectedly. Surprise! (YOU could be the surprise in someone else’s life!)

Making Mercury Retrograde FUN!

Have you ever wished the world would just slow down and let you get caught up?

Ever wanted some time to think a little before making a big decision?

Have you been moving so quickly you think you may have missed something? And you’d love to have time to re-evaluate, review, reconsider, research revise your plans?

Ta- DA!!! It’s here! You can do it now.

Take advantage of these three weeks.

push and pull a ropeGive yourself permission to not go full out. This is a time of inner reflection. Don’t push a rope!

Resist the temptation to be swept along in the mass thoughtform of the frenzy of New Year’s resolutions and all the external pressure to achieve and drive and push and climb. We’re in Capricorn, the sign of climbing the mountain, so we can remember there are many ways to climb a mountain. Many mountains to climb and many different kinds of mountains. Take time to listen to your inner self.

(And besides, January 1 is an arbitrary date. There are better times of the year to plan out the ‘year.’ So, if you’ve tried doing your planning for 2016 and you haven’t been able to… that’s OK. It’s not just Mercury Retrograde, but you don’t have to kick yourself because you haven’t.)

tea time JapanGo have tea with a friend. It’s a time to do those slower, inner, personal things we think we’ll get to someday.

Cultivate flexibility!

I’m not launching anything in the next few weeks, but I AM looking at year planning with a different eye this year. I’m currently calling it Living and Planning Your Year with the “Heart in Mind.” Sound good?

More later on that.

Teafully yours,


PS. The most interesting thing I’ve seen today… the New York Public Library has made 180 000 digitized items available for free. These are high-res images of documents, photos…it’s astonishing. These items have fallen into the public domain and can be used by anyone! They’re looking for people using them in creative ways , too! What a browsing experience!

The images in this post are all from the collection!

NYPL Digital Collections

The Struggle

We’ve moved into Scorpio this evening.

Trial, Test, Triumph.

Stay committed. Stick to it. Struggle through Transformation.

Expose the fear, shed the fear, get to the heart of it. Let Neptune transform it.

Dig in. Face the limitations, the obstacles, the tests… I’m gonna get it done.

“Warrior am I and from the battle I emerge triumphant.”

If you don’t have a spiritual struggle, get one… what is the spiritual struggle.

With Saturn now in Scorpio, it’s now time to grow up, overcome the emotional chaos. Commit to the transformation.

What behaviours need releasing? Still, again. More? Are there more? What transformations are possible this month?

My ‘secret’ project begins tomorrow morning. Let’s do it. I’m keeping it secret to keep it sacred. Day by day. Moment by moment. Step by step.

It’s gonna be a fight.

To a triumphant finish.