Three Mercury Retrograde Hacks— (How to LOVE Mercury Retrograde)!

Forget the doom and gloom about Mercury Retrograde (those 3 or 4 three-week periods every year when it seems that nothing connects). There’s lots to love about these times, once you get that you need to double check every single appointment, your computer may get bogged down for no apparent reason,  you may misplace things and projects begun during these times can take a unusual twists and turns.

You know these things are going to happen, so, well… let them.

It’s time to let things slide a little. Client didn’t show? You completely zoned out and forgot you’d changed time zones? You ALWAYS put your keys in that basket… and they’re not there? Rage will not beat the machine here, so, take a breath, put a smile on your face and carry on. (Dare I make allusion to a certain recent pop tune that emerged from a rambunctiously popular animated hit in 2014?)


1.Finish Things Up

It’s a great time to tie up loose ends, do some sorting and de-cluttering, and finish that knitting project you’ve had in the basket by your reading chair—which you’ve also not had time to sit it lately. There’s something  delightful about letting go of the pushing and striving and starting and driving and settling back into simply finishing.

2. Have Tea, Write a Letter

While your luggage may get lost, and other connections that Mercury rules may disconnect, making connections with real people is perfect for a successful Mercury Retrograde. Pull out your phone and meet someone for lunch or tea. Get caught up. Revive… or learn the art of letter writing. Go ahead. Get beyond hashtags and status updates. Dig in and learn how to write a ‘real’ letter.

3. Curl Up

Mercury Retrograde is a reflective time. It’s not outgoing and gregarious; rather it’s an inner time. When it happens in the middle of winter, you can feel completely justified in hibernating. Get out and walk, pull out the art supplies, do some journalling and dreaming.

I love Mercury Retrogrades. They allow me to slow down; in fact, they require that I slow down and become a little methodical. I can justify time to write a letter or call a friend I haven’t seen for awhile. Justify isn’t the best word. I guess it’s the knowing that it’s OK to curl up and hibernate for a little while. In doing that, I’m fulfilling the need. I’m respecting the natural cycle and ebb and flow of energy.

Having said that, I made a huge decision recently, during the shadow of Mercury Retrograde, which involved a contract and commitment and money on the table. I’m looking forward to see the twists and turns it affords me! (I’ll get back to you!)




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